Home Delivery Not Available for Balterio Products.

For A Better Price Email: info@laminatewoodflooring.ie


How Can I Pay?
You can pay by bank transfer or use credit or debit cards through PayPal. We accept every common online payment methods, including MasterCard, American Express, Discover, VISA and Stripe.
Are My Credit Card Details Secured?
We don't take Credit Card Details over the phone. We only use PayPal as an intermediary. Yes, your Card Details are safe with us because we effectively make use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layers). We ensure the protection of payment data using this technology. You can trust us in secure online ordering since we do not see or have any access to your card information.
What If I Do Not Want To Put My Card Details In Online?
If you are not ready to put your card details online, you are free to proceed by sending me an email at info@laminatewoodflooring.ie and pay by cheque or bank transfer.
When Will I Receive My Order?
Generally, the orders that are placed with us are dispatched within a 2-day lead-time. We can arrange for next day deliveries if it necessitates. We request you to place the order and clear out the payment within 10 am. However, this does not pertain to orders placed over bank holidays or on weekends. At the time of checkout, we give you the liberty to fix the delivery date as per your convenience.
What If My Ordered Laminate Is Not In Stock?
It is highly unlikely that your selected laminate will be unavailable with us. If such is the case then we will get in touch with you immediately. We will allow you to cancel the order and refund the sum or if you wish, you might also wait for it to arrive in our stock. You are free to decide!
What If Any Of My Products Turn Up Damaged?
Inform us immediately if you discover your ordered laminates to be damaged or faulty. Reach us either by email: info@laminatewoodflooring.ie or by phone: 0212061864. We will arrange for a laminate replacement at the earliest possible date.
What Is Your Policy On Returns And Cancellations?
If you wish to return or cancel your order, visit our Returns and Cancellations Policy prior to that, to take a look into the detailed conditions.
Whom Do I Get In Touch With, If I Have A Query About Any Of My Ordered Products Or Deliveries?
If you have any query, feel free to get in touch with us on phone: 0212061864 or email us at info@laminatewoodflooring.ie
What Are The Wear Ratings On Your Laminates?
Every laminate that we host on our page either has AC3, AC4 or AC5 ratings. AC3 is appropriate for living rooms with moderate traffic, while AC4 is suitable for all domestic spaces and those commercial zones that encounter light traffic. Contrarily, AC5 is for retails, educational institutes and restaurants, all of which bear moderate to high foot traffic.
How To Increase The Shine On My Laminates?
The shine on your laminates is a manufactured characteristic that cannot be modified. We advise you not to use polish or wax on them.
Do You Have A Brochure For All Your Laminates?
Since we host a large collection of laminates, which change time and again, printing of a brochure is impractical for us. We just hope that this website will fulfil that void and help you order the laminates of your choice from the comfort of your home.
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