Laminate flooring undoubtedly provides the exact look of a hardwood and that too at a discounted rate. However, the question, which straight away occurs to us, is whether such floors are suitable for a kitchen. Cookhouses, as we all know, undergo the greatest traffic, which is why they entail robust laminates. Nevertheless, how will you determine which of them is the best buy for your kitchen space?

To know about the properties of a cookhouse laminate, take a look below:

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in contrast to Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL)

As opposed to hardwood bottoms, laminate floors are composed of four distinct layers. The strata here, made up of synthetic material, are pressed together to form a plank. Now the technique utilised here differs. If you search the internet or ask a flooring expert, you will find out that in HPL, the conjoining process is done in multiple stages, under a 1300 psi. Here resin is utilised, prior to a professional heat treatment, ultimately leading to a sturdy plank.  

On the contrary, a DPL plank only has to go through 300-500 psi before turning into a compact laminate. However, the dissimilarity between them is way more than just the fusing technique. While DPL can bend with little pressure, HPL is tough to distort.

When it comes to choosing between the two, for your kitchen space, HPL perfectly serves the purpose. The credit obviously goes to its resistance to intense foot traffic and moisture. For those looking out for cheap laminate flooring, DPL might exactly fit into the criteria in terms of expenses, but these tend to come apart gradually.

All things considered, laminate floors are worth purchasing, if you wish to give your floors the appeal of hardwoods.

AC3 Durability Rating

Like every household product, laminates too come up with a definite rating, pinpointing its worth. Abrasion Class (AC) is one such measuring unit, revealing how durable a plank is. You will find AC ratings to be in the range 1-5, based on performance when checked in isolation for scuffs, moisture and stains.

Households having an active lifestyle, definitely feature a kitchen that has to resist moderate traffic. This is when AC3 rated laminates come to the forefront, having the capability to withstand heavy footfalls even in business settings.

If you are the next buyer of planks for your cookhouse, a little piece of advice will be to resist from buying unrated ones. Flooring experts believe that these fail to hold up under extreme situations. 

Lifetime Warranty

Before going for a laminate, the wisest thing will be to check on its warranty. Flooring experts believe that those coming with a lifetime warranty are usually better compared to those having a limited service contract. The prior kind takes into consideration delaminates, peeling off and board separations.

Only keeping an eye on the properties will not do. Best planks are those, which are well maintained by the owners, and this is exactly what the last point talks of.

Wipe Away Water From Kitchen Laminates

Do you know that laminates face the greatest threat from water? Yes, this is true, until and unless you invest on a quality plank, which can resist spills. Still, these will give in to water leaks easily and will barely survive a flood. The damage from it is much more extensive than you can ever imagine!

However, if you still wish to install laminates in your kitchen space, keep in mind certain tips and tricks to save it from water damages. For instance, it is recommended to fix brand new water valves just beneath the sink. Following this, remove the angle stop from the refrigerator in order to inhibit persistent leaks and occasional floods.

As per the replacement valves are concerned, if you find them leaking in the first few days, contacting a plumber would do away with the problem. However, during this phase, try not to install laminates if you want to stay on the safe side.


Discounted laminated floors instantly attract a buyer but when it comes to your kitchen, keeping an eye on the properties for the best buy is inevitable. Having exposed the qualities of a kitchen laminate, don’t get fooled by investing in the common ones. Look for qualities that give it an extra edge over the usual ones.